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Wellness Warrior

Access Deep, Personalized Healing

We invite those who seek an exclusive one-on-one approach to holistic health and personal transformation to join our Wellness Warriors program. As a Wellness Warrior, you'll receive the comprehensive benefits of Club Phoenix, enhanced by personalized Ayurvedic health counseling directly with me, Valerie Beck.

This program is tailored for individuals ready to address specific health concerns and dive deeper into personal growth in a private, supportive setting. Spots are limited to 11 members per year.

Our Complete Care Plan

Every individual’s path to wellness is distinct. In Wellness Warrior, your journey is honored with a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific health goals and challenges. Whether you’re navigating complex health issues or seeking a deeper understanding of your wellness journey, our one-on-one sessions provide the focused attention and care you deserve.

As a Wellness Warrior, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your wellbeing, with bespoke strategies that align with your life’s rhythms and the collective energy of Club Phoenix.

The Wellness Warrior plan is an all-encompassing journey toward optimal health and vitality. It includes:

Comprehensive Health Intake & Assessment

A comprehensive health intake to understand your unique needs. Gain valuable insight from a deep holistic perspective.

Monthly 1-on-1 Health Counseling Sessions

Monthly private sessions with Valerie to check-in, assess your progress, adjust your treatment plan and address any challenges.

Individualized Treatment Plan

A personalized treatment plan based in Ayurvedic wisdom formulated just for you, that evolves with you throughout the year.

Deepen Your Club Phoenix Experience

Wellness Warrior is the perfect complement to the Club Phoenix experience. While you'll engage with the community and benefit from group activities, your Warrior membership opens the door to an intimate health coaching relationship. This synergy ensures that your personal growth within Club Phoenix is supported by targeted health strategies that consider your entire being—body, mind, and spirit.

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Are You A Wellness Warrior?

The Wellness Warrior program is ideal for:


Individuals seeking a dedicated health & personal growth mentor.

Specific Focus

Those with specific health objectives or challenges.


Anyone preferring a private setting to explore personal issues.

Comprehensive Care

Those who value the combination of community support and individualized care.

Warrior Insights

Judy K.

I will continue to apply the ayurvedic diet and practice to my lifestyle. I was able to reduce inflammation, hives, and the general feeling of not feeling good. My bowel movements improved immensely in the past month. I have also been practicing yoga everyday for the past 2 weeks and have lost about 8 lbs since mid-October. I feel much stronger and the place to start was understanding my DOSHA and mindfully applying the right food to my diet. Thank you for helping me become more aware of what I was putting into my body.

Jonathan Slakey

I found Val to be totally focused on my recovery, not just for the goals that originally caused me to seek out her help, but also with other problems that I hadn’t originally considered as being related. As we continued the practice, Val adapted her programming to my life situation. Val is a patient and flexible caretaker who places above all the health of her patients.


Hi There! I'm Valerie

I'm the Founder of Club Phoenix and Intrepid Wellness. My journey in holistic health began with my private clinic, Intrepid Ayurveda, where I embraced the rich traditions of Ayurveda to address a diverse array of health concerns.

My education is grounded in extensive training with renowned Ayurvedic professionals, delving into the depths of disease management, therapies, herbal formulation, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine.

The Wellness Warrior program weaves the timeless healing arts of Ayurveda with the dynamic, whole-person approach of Club Phoenix. The result is a program designed for profound and lasting health transformation, tailored to each individual's journey toward vitality.

As your guide and mentor, I am committed to illuminating the path to your best self, using a blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that honors your unique health narrative and unlocks your potential for enduring wellness.

Embark on a journey of profound wellness and self-discovery.

As a Wellness Warrior, you you will gain profound insight into your health and who you are—you’re committing to a life-changing path that honors your individuality while leveraging the collective power of the Club Phoenix community.

Ready to transform into the most vibrant version of yourself? Join the Wellness Warrior program and step into a year of unparalleled personal growth and health optimization.

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