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Terms & Conditions

Our Guarantee for Club Phoenix

  1. Payment Currency: All payments received for Club Phoenix are to be in USD (United States Dollars).
  2. Refund Criteria: To claim your refund for Club Phoenix, you must fulfill the following criteria:
  • Complete Core Competency 1 within the first two months of your membership.
  • Submit all homework assignments within Core Competency 1 to [email protected].
  • Attend all weekly scheduled group Coaching Calls within your first two months of membership.
  1. Why We Offer the Guarantee: At Intrepid Wellness, we are dedicated to helping individuals who are genuinely committed to their transformation. We believe that real progress comes from active participation. If you invest your best effort into the program and do not see the expected results, we are more than happy to offer you a refund. Our learning environment is characterized by a high standard of positivity, community involvement, encouragement, and action. However, if you register for Club Phoenix and do not engage in the program for the first two months, you are responsible for your loss.
  2. Private Consultation Fee: If you qualified to receive a complimentary private consultation with Valerie Hwang within the first 30 days after purchasing your Club Phoenix membership and attended your session, you will be required to pay a $500 USD fee for the consultation. This amount will be deducted from your refund.

Events Policy (Retreats, Meetups + Live Workshops)

Paid LIVE EVENTS Ticket:
  • There is $500 cancellation fee for any cancellation requests 3 months before the event. Cancellation less than 2 months prior the event any refund is forfeited.
  • Live event Pass is transferrable.
Free LIVE EVENTS Ticket:
  •  All Free live events require Refundable deposit to secure your seat.
  •  Refundable deposit credited back in 21 business days upon attendance confirmation.

Please note that this policy is in place to ensure that our program participants are committed to their transformation, and that refunds are provided in cases where genuine value has not been received. We want to work with those who are truly dedicated to their well-being and personal development.