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Club Phoenix

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Stuck, Overwhelmed & Unfulfilled? Let's Rise from the Ashes -  Together

Club Phoenix was born out of my own observations that we as a generation are struggling collectively with mental health challenges, burnout and overwhelm.

It is a transformative collective journey designed for those ready to rise from the ashes of burnout and rediscover a life of energy, balance, and fulfillment. We're a strong community of determined peers that work through challenges together to get results faster. 

When you surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded movers and shakers, the resilience, the clarity and confidence you need to gain control of your life is but a stone's throw away.

Is this you? Let's chat.

How Club Phoenix Works

CLUB PHOENIX is a one-year group coaching program that transforms your health and energizes your life. Here, you'll join others who are already making strides with key wellness habits, and together, we'll help you make rapid progress. We follow a Dynamic Club structure integrates accountability, proactivity, and experiential learning in our approach.

With us, you'll join a tribe where everyone is committed to growth. You'll be supported, challenged, and celebrated at every step of your journey.

Club Phoenix opens its doors for up to 25 members per year.

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Weekly Coaching

We meet weekly with the club, addressing breakdowns and facilitating major breakthroughs.

Connected Community

Our online platform connects us no matter where we are adventuring in the world.

Core Competencies

Learn the base principles of our core curriculum with our exclusive online course followed up by real-life application.

Wellness Challenges

We dive head-first together into wellness challenges that keep us moving forward.

Group Detoxes & Retreats

Join us for transformative quarterly experiences for focused growth and transformation.

Exclusive Access

Gain exclusive access to Intrepid Wellness online course content, and more.

What You'll Get

We are results driven at CLUB PHOENIX. Put simply: What you put in is what you get. If you stay the course and commit, you will gain:

  • Increased Self-Awareness:¬†Club Phoenix members¬†develop a deeper understanding of how their behaviors, diet, and lifestyle choices affect their mental and physical health.
  • Improved Physical Health:¬†Members experience significant improvements in physical symptoms, such as reduced pain, better immune function, and increased energy levels.
  • Enhanced Mental and Emotional Well-being: A common outcome is improved management of stress, anxiety, and depression, leading to greater overall happiness and stability.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes: Successful¬†members typically maintain the changes implemented during their yearlong journey in the club, leading to long-term improvements in quality of life.
  • Stronger Resilience:¬†Members¬†develop better coping mechanisms to manage stress and adversity, which enhances their resilience and ability to face future challenges.¬†
  • A Supportive Tribe of Friends:¬†People you meet in Club Phoenix are your tribe and your vibe - they are dedicated to their own growth and to the growth of everyone in the group. You will heal, rise, and thrive together.

Do You Vibe with Our Tribe?

CLUB PHOENIX pulses with an unmistakable VIBE. Our members are UNITED FORCE. Our strategy? Ignite collective wisdom through dynamic, interactive club experiences.

The result is electric ‚Äď a network where shared insights and experiences amplify our core values and supercharge each member‚Äôs journey toward their goals. We Are:

Relentless Visionaries

Leaders who push the envelope, the shakers and movers looking to refuel, re-strategize, and reignite the spark that drives their innovation.

Peaceful Warriors

Those who believe in the power of a centered mind and a harmonious life, seeking a tribe that values mindfulness as the cornerstone of peaceful action.

Unsung Heroes

Our selfless givers: healthcare professionals, educators, and caregivers looking to replenish their spirit and embrace the balance they give so freely to others.

Passionate Creatives

Dancers, artists, musicians - those seeking to reignite their inner fire, empower their inner voice & rediscover the root of their creative vitality.

Is this You?

If you're ready to break free from self-limiting beliefs, debilitating habits, and emotional agitation - and if you're ready to step into your true power and potential, then we are looking for YOU. Let's Talk.

This is ME. Let's Go!

Hi, I'm Valerie!

Nice to meet you! I'm Valerie, the heart and soul behind Intrepid Wellness and Club Phoenix. My story isn't just about wellness; it's about a dance with life, where each step taught me a bit more about resilience, vitality, and the true meaning of health.

My mission is crystal clear: guide you in conquering burnout, rediscovering strength, and reclaiming the energy needed to return to a life you love. Because facing challenges is always easier together.


It's never too late to pick up the pieces and Rise from the Ashes. Let's make this your year.


Gary Alexis

I met Valerie during a trying time in my life. Not a lot of guys will admit when they are hurting from a breakup and I was one of them...or so I thought. Valerie helped me realize that life happens just like the seasons. No matter what you do, you can't stop the rain or the snow or the heat or the water crashing unto the shore. You may be on top of the world one minute and all of a sudden you have no purpose within the blink of the eye. 

When you zoom out and take a step back, you see that there's power in what you CHOOSE to do every day and not what has happened in the past. You have the power to be present and that's where your mindset comes in. Having a coach like Valerie and people to help you along that journey is what makes you see clearly and change with the seasons and not against them. It will be challenging but as long as you have support within the ashes, you'll be just fine when you rise up again. 

Esther Weiler

Valerie set out a holistic practice of self-care, health & wellness care promoting care, guidance, knowledge, expertise, and dedication not only to wellness but to ME as an individual. And with dedication, loyalty and wanting to help myself, Valerie was the guide I needed to start this process of healing from the inside out. 

And with her skills and knowledge...this was just an extension of the services that supported my path to wellness and release the binds that needed to be released physically and mentally. Through this journey, I am forever grateful to Valerie and her practice for paving the way into a safe, comforting, and joyful path to living a more peaceful life in a very fast, challenging, chaotic and unbalanced world.

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