Dare to Thrive: A No-Nonsense Guide to Overcoming Chronic Burnout

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Are you tired of the relentless cycle of burnout? Do you watch everyone around you achieve their dreams while you see your own slipping through your fingers?

What You'll Get in this Workbook Can Change Your Life:

  • Break Free & Thrive:¬†Discover the transformative power of prioritizing your needs over people-pleasing habits, and how it can lead you to genuine fulfillment and joy.
  • Empower Your Boundaries & Self-Care:¬†Master effective strategies for setting strong boundaries and engaging in self-care practices that rejuvenate both mind and body, setting the stage for lasting well-being.
  • Embrace Your True Value:¬†Learn to confidently say "no,"¬†revitalize your self-esteem, and step into your inherent worth with tools that encourage a profound self-appreciation and a life lived on your terms.

It's time to reclaim your power and carve a new path.¬†Download our "Dare to Thrive Workbook: Overcoming¬†Chronic Burnout" ‚Ästand¬†start your journey towards the unbridled life that you are meant to live.

Hi there! I'm Valerie.

As someone whose experienced debilitating burnout, anxiety and low self-esteem, I know that becoming the person you've always wanted to be can seem like a distant dream. That's why I'm here: to reignite your passion for living life to the fullest and to empower you to step into who you really are.

This workbook condenses over 15 years of my combined experience and rich philosophic background in Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, movement, martial arts, teaching and international exchange into a streamlined roadmap towards your most empowered and authentic self.

Esther Weiler

Valerie was the guide I needed to start this process of healing from the inside out. Through this journey, I am forever grateful to Valerie and her practice for paving the way into a safe, comforting, and joyful path to living a more peaceful life in a very fast, challenging, chaotic and unbalanced world.

Jamie Hale

Valerie's soft and personable approach towards striving to improve my health really opened my eyes to all things are possible and helped me gain a sense of confidence to taking the steps in the right direction. The help and communication Valerie gave me along the way was extremely significant towards my journey back to feeling like myself!

Gary Alexis

You have the power to be present and that's where your mindset comes in. Having a coach like Valerie and people to help you along that journey is what makes you see clearly and change with the seasons and not against them.



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